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Getting Your Blackmail Pic Taken Down

Hello, my little wimpy boys..if you do not eat your own cum for me, you have been warned that your pic is going here, its at the top under “blackmail photos”. There are 2 ways for you to get it down. The first is, call me back. Eat your cum! I will take it down. [...]

Blackmailing you into eating your own cum

Hello naughty boys,
Ever think about eating your own cum but always chicken out? I have a remedy for that : )
You get on cam for me, and stroke.. I will be taking screenshots of you, and if you do not eat your cum for me, I am going to post your picture on this blog [...]

Legs Over Your Head

There are different ways to eat your own cum, and this is My fave if you are flexible enough, I love watching you do it on cam> Somersault position! Can you do it?

Cum Eaters Hotline Now Open!!

Phone: (888) 576-4859 ext.22